xCenter: xMobil – introductory hackathon

22 October 2021 | 15:00-16:30 @ xCenter, Nova Gorica

We invite you to participate in a short introductory hackathon, where we will face the first challenges of developing the xMobile prototype. These challenges will be defined at the event, as related to the trailer platform as such, its modular structure, embedded systems, its research and event (entertainment) use.

In its first year of operation, the xMobil project will develop a working prototype of a solar-powered investigative art module in the form of a car trailer that enhances creativity and innovation in remote locations. This modular piece will oer durable but aordable equipment for AV production and playback (DJ, VJ, video, + VR / AR), and is also designed to support research in art-science-technology projects, including natural science research, field sociology and visual anthropology. The project aims to develop social and technological innovation for remote, rural and natural locations that do not have electricity supply and access to such equipment.

The cooperation is intended for (not only) young people (from 16 years onwards) who are interested in planning, soldering, designing, welding, programming, animation, video & audio production and would like to hack around on a creative team on Fridays. After the hackathon, selected participants will be invited to participate in the core project team, which will meet weekly until June 2022. The wider group will remain open to all stakeholders and talents, innovators and creators!


The downtown of Nova Gorica is enriched by a new center of creative practices, xCenter, a multi-purpose space, which is emerging from the synergic combination of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, art, education and research. It encourages innovation in the culture-creative industries, experimental research through advanced workshops, the development of projects and all in all bolster productive socialising. It is one of the major projects of the European Capital of Culture Go!Borderless 2025.


How to apply

Applications by 19. OCT 2021 with a short presentation (possibly a CV – bionote) and / or a portfolio of works / projects (as a link or a small attachment) and personal data should be sent to ekscenter@ekscenter.si


xMobil is the selected pilot of the Interreg ecosystem DIVA and the project of the European Capital of Culture Go! 2025, powered by: Xcenter (MONG); Academy of Arts, University of Nova Gorica; Jung d.o.o.; Projekt Atol Institute; other companies will be joining in…