Ida Hiršenfelder: Voltages Chirping Vehemently #10

Last Modul@rnice workshop of the year, in person at osmo/za! This Saturday, 16 December, at 18.00.

16 December 2023 | 6‒10 PM @ osmo/za, Ljubljana

For the start, Simon Turnšek will introduce a library of modular synthesizers that we are establishing as part of Atol’s educational program. He will also prepare some patches to play with.

Ida Hiršenfelder will than continue with the final Voltages Chirping Vehemently workshop, focusing on connecting external audio inputs to VCV Rack 2, triggering frequency modulation with MIDI controllers, and connecting control voltages from physical modules to the simulator.

The workshop will be followed by a jam session, so feel free to bring your own synths, noise devices, Eurorack systems!

*In the next year we want to focus more on creatin lectures and workshops together. We are interested in how we could collectively shape part of the program. Saturday’s workshop will also include an open debate where we will discuss our proposals and ideas for the future programme.

Modul@rnice hosted monthly online Voltages Control (VCV) meetings for modular synthesis with the VCV Rack simulator, which contains over 1,800 free-to-access simulations of Eurorack modules. All the meetings eypet the last one were held online and led by Ida Hiršenfelder (beepblip).


Ida Hiršenfelder (beepblip) is a sound artist and archivist. She makes immersive bleepy psychogeographical soundscapes with analogue electronics, DIY and modular synths, field recordings and computer manipulations. She is interested in bioacoustics, experimental music and sound spatialisation. She was a member of the Theremidi Orchestra (2011–2017) and is currently a member of the Jata C group for bioacoustics and sound ecologies. Her solo albums Noise for Strings, Vol. 1 (2019) and Noise for Strings, Vol. 2 (2020) were published by the Kamizdat label. Currently, she studies Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

Ida Hiršenfelder

How to apply

Participation in the workshop is free, you can register at:
The workshop is intended for everyone who wants to experiment with electronics and those who would like to better understand how to create improvised soundscapes.


Projekt Atol Institute with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana – Department for Culture.