Build your personal wearable/mobile studio as part of Artist-in-Residence with Hannah Perner-Wilson.

27 – 28 September 2016 | 5 – 9pm @ Anselma, Kolodvorska ulica 6, Ljubljana

In this two-evening workshop, participants will build their own simplified version of PIFpack – a bag, that transforms into a studio workspace. PIFpack is part of A Wearable Studio Practice, a collection of wearable and portable items that make it easier for makers of physical things to become nomadic in their practices.

PIFpack internal content and structure are modular so that it can be adjusted to fit a variety of different making practices. Although its main purpose was specifically developed for practices involving electronic and textile materials and tools, the modular design should allow the user to customize it to the specific needs of their own practice, as well as reconfigure the contents of the backpack or the layout of the studio every time you pack and unpack it.

This workshop is intended for individuals who have a tool-set for their own and would like to build wearable/portable studio items to make their practice more mobile. Furthermore, the making of PIFpack will be documented and fully available online!


In her work Hannah Perner-Wilson combines conductive materials and craft techniques to develop new styles of building electronics that emphasize materiality and process. She creates working prototypes to demonstrate the kinds of electronic artifacts we might build for ourselves in a world of electronic diversity. A significant part her my work goes into documenting and disseminating my techniques so that they can be applied by others. Since 2006 she has been collaborating with Mika Satomi, forming the collective KOBAKANT. In 2009 they published an online database titled How To Get What You Want, where they share their textile sensor designs and DIY approach to E-Textiles.
Hannah received a B.Sc. in Industrial Design from the University for Art and Industrial Design Linz and an M.Sc. in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab, where she was a student in the High-Low Tech research group. Her thesis work focused on developing, documenting and disseminating a Kit-of-No-Parts approach to building electronics.

Hannah Perner-Wilson

How to apply

Contribution for the workshop is 10 € and covers all the needed materials. Please bring your personal set of tools and gear which you’d like implement in your mobile studio.

Workshop will be in English language, the number of participants is limited, so please apply/announce yourself to If you are interested in attending this workshop, please email me a few sentances about your own practice and tool-set, and if possible please also include a photo of some of the tools that you’d like to carry with you. No previous sewing experience required.


Workshop is a collaboration between Projekt Atol, Ljudmila Lab.Poligon and Anselma.

Workshop is a part of Changing Weathers , with financial support from Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Ljubljana, Department for Culture and JSKD. Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.