OctoSens community: OctoSens workshop

Workshop on building an 8 channel interface that allows the reception of signals from various analog and digital sensors.

23 March 2023 | 5–9pm @ Cukrrarna, Poljanski nasip 40 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

Having 4 analog and two digital inputs for external sensors, as well as two touchpads, the OctoSens offers 8 different ways of altering the desired parameters of sound. A built-in microphone, two tactile sensors and a digital synthesizer integrated in the microcontroller enable us to use OctoSens individually without external sensors and other instruments. We can simply connect the OctoSens to a speaker and start creating. We can use the information detected by the sensors to can change the pitch, volume and tuning of the three oscillators, change the waveforms of the oscillators and quantise the tones into different scales. Artists who already have other instruments, synthesizers and effects could use the OctoSens to connect to their existing gear and multiply its functionality: OctoSens can output different Cv/gate signals and create MIDI information, which can be used to control multiple external devices simultaneously. OctoSens will conform to Eurorack format so that synth-enthusiasts could incorporate it into their Eurorack setup, however, an individual enclosure for those who prefer to use it as a stand-alone device, will be available as well.


OctoSens is a project that combines the principles of community co-design. The community was established under the mentorship of Václav Peloušek as part of an artistic residency and brings together a group to co-design and develop a device that can be used in musical performances as well as in installations or as part of workshops and other educational processes. The community is based on active mutual collaboration, democratic principles of co-determination, and the advocacy and promotion of the free flow of knowledge and information.

OctoSens was designed by Jakob Grčman, Simon Macuh, Lan Štokelj Wu, Simon Turnšek and Igor Vuk under the mentorship of Vaclav Peloušek.

OctoSens community

How to apply

Participation is free of charge, but a good knowledge of soldering is required!
The workshop will be conducted by Jakob Grčman and Simon Turnšek.

Pre-registration required at https://forms.gle/uGEz4nepKMnY89Pa8


Organised by MC Velenje and Projekt Atol Institute
The workshop is part of konS:: Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art.