Julian Chollet: HUMUS Sapiens

Field workshop about soil!

09 August 2020 | 2 – 6pm @ Kamra, Triglavska cesta 8, Bohinjska Bistrica

Soil is a truly complex and dynamic ecosystem – it is an ever-changing mixture of minerals, living organisms, decomposing organic matter, air and water. It is the living skin of our planet, which allows the emergence of new life forms and includes nutrients left there by the past organisms.

Using a microscope, workshop participants will learn about different approaches of analysis of soil in their local environment. With well-prepared samples and the correct setting of the microscope, diving in and exploring the underground world of microbes is relatively easy and instructive!


Julian Chollet is a (no)mad scientist, curious student and informal teacher with a background in molecular biology. He is working on the endless and underexplored biodiverity of microbes, fungi and phages – with the aim to liberate the world from microphobia through workshopology, fermentation and microscopy. His current main project focuses on creative learning environments and public participation in science with emphasis on the invisible world.

Julian Chollet

How to apply

Workshop is free of charge, but registration is required at: projekt.kamra@gmail.com. The workshop will be held in English and Slovene, it is intended for curious people of all ages, no previous knowledge is required. If you can, bring a spatula with you.


Organised by Projekt Atol & Kamra Bohinj.

The workshop is part of konS:: Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art.
konS:: Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art is a project chosen on the public call for the selection of the operations “Network of Investigative Art and Culture Centres”. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.