Václav Peloušek: Getting Maximum Out of a Minimum

Online lecture about modular connectivity in minimal performance setups

30 September 2020 | 8pm @ Youtube

The fourth event of the Modul@rnice workshop series will focus on different ways of using cheap musical gear that can greatly open up the possibilities of what you can do soundwise. All musical ecosystems can be modular, if non-linear routing of signals is applied. In this streamed lecture Vaclav will focus on a few techniques that can come handy when you don’t have a lot of gear, but you would want to explore new ways of using what you already have. Topics: mixer feedback, pitch shifter stacking, reverb feedback synth, …


Václav Peloušek is a musician, educator, artist, and founder and lead designer of the synthesizer company Bastl Instruments. He studied in Brno and at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. With Ondřej Merta, he started the art and education project Standuino (2011), which later evolved into Bastl Instruments. Since 2013, the company has developed and produced many desktop synthesizers, effects, samplers (microGranny 2, Thyme, Kastle) and a whole range of Eurorack modular synthesizer modules. The company also collaborates with Peter Edwards (Casper Electronics) on several modules and instruments, for example the softPop and the bitRanger. Coming from a D.I.Y. artistic background, Peloušek’s conducted many workshops and happenings at festivals, universities and other venues (STEIM – Amsterdam, The Cologne University of Music, Superbooth and Loop – Berlin, MuseumsQuartier – Vienna, MENT – Ljubljana, PIFcamp – Soča, Shape Platform – Meetfactory Prague, Synthposium – Moscow, Fold – London). The company has also initiated countless local community activities, organised shows and even set up the Noise Kitchen store in Prague. From 2017 to 2018, Bastl ran the venue Herna in Brno. Since 2018, Peloušek’s been developing his solo musical project Toyota Vangelis under which he’s released several singles and EPs, and performed at events around Europe (Lunchmeat or Meetfactory – Prague, Synthposium – Moscow, Modular Day – Barcelona, CV Freqs – London, Klunkerkranich or Humboldthain – Berlin). He was artist in residence at Locatie Spatie in Arnhem in 2011 and at Opekta Studios in Cologne in 2012.

Václav Peloušek

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Lecture will be in English language.


Projekt Atol Institute, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Department of Culture of the City of Ljubljana.