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Open Lab/Workshop/Showcase

04 – 06 February 2020 | 4 – 8pm @ MENT Festival, Ljubljana

A three-day synth playground for fans of electronic music and the general public with the collective Synth Library Prague! Their appearance at MENT will be the first event of a year-long workshop series called Modul@rnice, dedicated to learning, exploring and making music with modular synthesis. 

Tuesday & Wednesday, 4 – 5 Feb 2020, 16:00 – 20:00 @ M hotel HJ

Open lab dedicated to sound synthesis, making electronic noise and music with Mary C & Martin Tvrdy of Synth Library Prague.

Let’s dive into sound design and composition possibilities using hardware as well as software. Come and try to compose by listening, patch and tweak new sounds on synthesizers from the Synth Library collection, create new sonic spaces using Ableton Live and some free apps. Explore possible ways of collaboration in electronic music, ask questions and dive into modular synthesis!

Thursday, 6 Feb 2020, 13:00 – 17:00 @ Kino Šiška Lobby

Synth showcase – explore sound creation and learn how to read synths with Mary C & Martin Tvrdy of Synth Library Prague.

We might need a sawtooth wave, envelope and maybe some spaghetti too. We will explore forbidden planets while staying switched-on. We will introduce the basic vocabulary and demonstrate various processes and patches. Together, we will learn a little about the history of electronic music instruments and the ideas and motivations behind them. For smoother navigation through knobs, faders, switches and patches, we will take a closer look at the architecture and interfaces of a few instruments from the Synth Library collection. The lecture and workshop is free and suitable for beginners as well as music fans. And if you just want to play with the synths, bring your headphones!


Marie Ctverackova aka Mary C is co-founder of the Synth Library Prague, musician, DJ, radio host, music editor and founder of the educational music platform Kreaton. She hosts her weekly show on the public Czech Radio Wave, focusing mostly on rap and various kinds of electronic music. She started the educational program Music Ports, focused on supporting local young musicians, co-founded the collective ZVUK and, together with Bastl Instruments, opened a space for music education in Prague. Together with Martin Tvrdy, she has released experimental projects under the name Hrubik and toured as Člověk Pokrokový.

Martin Tvrdy is a producer, musician, graphic designer and lecturer. He is well known for his past solo project as rapper Bonus but also for his recent work as a sound designer and composer for theatre, dance performances and even virtual reality. Together with Mary C, he started the educational platform Kreaton. Martin Tvrdy is author of the Play Table concept, which makes music-making more accessible to children and the general public. Currently, he is working with the community centre for music education Synth Library Prague.

Synth Library Prague

How to apply

WORKSHOP IS FULL! No previous skills needed, the workshop in English is suitable for beginners and intermediate. Participation is free, but please register at Participation on both days is strongly advised. Bring your laptop if you can!


 Projekt Atol Institute, Kino Šiška & MENT Festival. With financial support from the Ministry of Culture and Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture.