Kunsthalle Bratislava
20 April – 06 June 2023

Ebb is a sculptural installation by Neja Zorzut that has been adapted for the group exhibition “Under This Strange Sun, Landscape n.1: Mud Keeper’s Promise” in Kunsthalle Bratislava, curated by Tjaša Pogačar.


“The ground is arid, condensing here and there into small blobs that retain the last patches of moisture from what once has been perhaps a much larger body of water, a swamp, a tide, or a flood of toxic red sludge. This deposit flakes and cracks, like sunburned skin. In the middle sits Ebb, a techno-organic growth with a surface bandaged by kevlar ribbons. It circulates water and resembles a leafless thicket or a root system. A leaking body in a desert is basically a small fountain, an oasis. Highly adapted to extreme heat, Ebb is fully a vascular system, root and a stem enclosed in a self-sufficient loop evolved to reabsorb all leaked fluids. Only a promise of moisture.” (Excerpt from the exhibition text)

The international group exhibition “Mud Keeper’s Promise” feature works by ASMA, Katarína Hrušková, Šimon Chovan, Angelika Loderer, Siggi Sekira, and Neja Zorzut. The works are connected in an exhibition environment that presents a sample of a world in transition, a realm of post-anthropogenic wilderness stretching between what is obsolete and what is yet to come. Experiences of loss, decay, mutation, transformation and growth mark this interim condition, and anticipate a new way of worlding that holds a promise that something else might spring from the traces we leave behind.



More information about the exhibition:

Mud Keeper’s Promise


Neja Zorzut: Ebb, 2022/23
wire, plaster, epoxy resin, carbon kevlar, water, salt

The work was produced by Zavod Maska as part of a solo exhibition at Nova Pošta Ljubljana in 2022. The sculptural part has been adapted for the exhibition in Kunsthalle Bratislava (2023).

Postproduction: Zavod Projekt Atol

Financial support: Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture.


Neja Zorzut uses painting and sculpture to create spatial situations that address the seepage between the (human) body and its ecologically precarious and ever more “toxic” environment. Her works deal with the relationship between the inside and the outside, and the modifications and adaptations that result from this tension in the context of “ecology without nature”. 

Neja Zorzut