System 67 – Immaterial

Sursock Museum, Beirut, Lebanon
14 July – 24 October 2016

System 67 – Immaterial; a work of the Resolution series is an acoustic-spatial installation charting the ecological fissures of contemporary Lebanon. Featuring interviews and statements by Lebanese citizens, including scientists, tactical media workers, and politicians, as well as a display monitoring the presence of ecosystem pollutants, the work aims to instigate an understanding of the ecological future of Lebanon through questioning the present moment


Marko Peljhan: System 67 – Immaterial; a work of the Resolution series, 2016
acoustic-spatial installation

Production: Sursock Museum in collaboration with Projekt Atol.
Collaborators: Nadim Deaibes, Sasha Ussef & Muhhamad Hafiz Wan Rosli.

The project was supported by Sursock Museum, Ministry of Culture RS, Systemics research fund UCSB & City of Ljubljana.


Marko Peljhan is a theatre and radio director, conceptual artist and researcher. He founded and co- founded several still active arts organizations in the 90’s such as Projekt Atol and one of the first media labs in Eastern Europe LJUDMILA. From 1994 on he worked on Makrolab, a project that focuses on telecommunications, migrations and weather systems research in an intersection of art/science/engineering; the Interpolar Transnational Art Science Constellation and the Arctic Perspective Initiative. He is the recipient of many prizes for his work, including the 2001 Golden Nica Prize at Ars Electronica with Carsten Nicolai and his work has been exhibited internationally at multiple biennales (Venice, Lyon, Istanbul, Gwangju…) and festivals, at documenta, ISEA, Ars Electronica and museums and art institutions worldwide (YCAM, ICC-NT, PS.1. MOMA, GARAGE…).

He serves as professor and director of the MAT Systemics Lab at the University of California Santa Barbara, the Chair of the Media Arts and Technology program at UCSB, the coordinator of international cooperation of the SPACE-SI Slovenian Centre for Space Sciences and Technologies and editor at large of the music label rx:tx. In the radio spectrum he is known as S54MX.

Marko Peljhan