Cirkulacija 2, Ljubljana
28 December 2016

The Swarm is a project by Boštjan Čadez that continues the line of his interface inventions created out of the custom-made hardware and software in which the reality of the physical world crucially determines the relation between the control/computer and the machine. Čadež is again motivated by exploring the digitally generated content, raster, networks and patterns determined by mathematical parameters that create abstract shapes with a quality of organic randomness, despite being a result of (relatively simple) algorithms, created by the custom made software. The generated content is thus never figurative, but if we needed to, we could find the references more in his modernistic exploration of composition and the graininess of the media. But with a slight twist, since the medium that he analyses needs first to be created.
A tech sketch:
In a dimly lit space there are multiple pairs of parallel wires. Each of them holds a lightweight electromotor running a small propeller. On each of these shines an LED light. The motors are voltage controlled and move up and down the wire caused by the lift of the propellers that make them ascend, float and descend. The multiple running propellers create a buzzing soundscape.


Boštjan Čadež: Roj, 2016

Production: Zavod Projekt Atol, in cooperation with Cirkulacija 2.

Support: City of Ljubljana and Ministry of Culture of the Rep. of Slovenia


Boštjan Čadež (1979) is a new media artist. He studied industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. He received recognition for special study achievements for the design of the Sporty tire, which is still produced and sold by Sava today. At the same time, he was active as a graffiti artist and published three compilations of sound-responsive animations on the website of the then popular Winamp mp3 player. With the interactive computer toy Line Rider (2006), designed under the mentorship of Professor Zdravko Papič, he was successful in the global market and received the prestigious Innovation Award for his work at the meeting of computer game developers in San Francisco. At the 13th Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean (2008), he and Velibor Barišič (Veli Silver) designed the PPP box project, in which several dozen artists exhibited in significant galleries locally and internationally.

Boštjan Čadež