SUR 110, 2022/2023

Gallery Močvara, Zagreb
01 December 2022 – 19 February 2023

Site-specific installation

I opened my eyes and Neven’s face had changed. Hundreds of

tiny black strings crawled from his nostrils and tear ducts.

I looked up through the branches to the sky. I thought

they were birds, at first. But they were millions more of the

thin black strands, stretching down through the atmosphere,

grasping trees and wrapping around trunks. A gust ripped

through the swamp and a thousand leaves tore free, raining

down all over us.

B.R. YEAGER, Negative Space

The new project by Andrej Škufca is specifically designed for the space of Gallery Močvara (Zagreb) or rather its surrounding landscape. The newly created installation is characterized by a blend of fiction, technological design, industrial production processes, and synthetic materials and addresses the infrastructural aspect of global techno-ecology. It is embedded into a suburban environment where with a nod to conspiracy as well as speculative theories “fictions” the location as a site of a covert operation, devoid of human presence.


Andrej Škufca, SUR 110, 2022/2023

site-specific installation, 2022

Curators of the exhibition: Lea Vene, Lovro Japundžić

Technical execution: Sanchez Štupica and Adam

Production: Galerija Močvara

Co-production: Zavod Projekt Atol (Tjaša Pogačar)

Thanks: Dominik Mahnić, Gregor Arh, Tjaša Pogačar, Neja Zorzut


Andrej Škufca (1987) is a visual artist and member of the editorial team of Šum magazine. He has had solo exhibitions at Aksioma, DUM, the International Centre of Graphic Arts, Miroslav Kraljević Gallery in Zagreb, Karlin Studios in Prague among others. His work has also been presented in major international group exhibitions at home and abroad, such as the National Museum of 21st Century Art MAXXI in Rome, the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Nitja Oslo, the Metelkova Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, the Art Gallery in Maribor, and last but not least at the 34th Graphic Biennial in Ljubljana (MGLC, 2021).