Ljudmila, Rimska 8, Ljubljana
29 December 2015

“Seen” is a font that has a preloaded set of sensitive “spook words” that the NSA and other agencies are using to scan through our documents. The typeface can be used in any popular software such as Illustrator, Indesign, Word or in a browser. It can be used normally to write text as any other font does, but once one of these trigger words is written the font automatically crosses it out. Therefore giving you an overview of your text in terms of these trigger words. This system highlights where you are potentially prone to being surveilled whilst also preventing you from potentially being tracked. Seen is an experiment of evasive and reflexive techniques around the topic of online privacy.


Emil Kozole: SEEN, 2015
open source font

Production partners: Društvo Ljudmila and Zavod Projekt Atol.

Supported by Ministry of Culture and City of Ljubljana.


Emil Kozole (1991) is a graphic designer and typographer who has been working mainly on connecting both of his creative expressions with new media and various socio-cultural phenomena that appear in the context of social networks, Internet identity and online network control. To explore his ideas, he mainly uses code and typography, which are manifested through numerous physical installations and performances. His works have been exhibited in various group exhibitions at home and abroad and presented in numerous publications such as Wired, Der Spiegel and Le Monde. He holds a master’s degree from the Central Saint Martins School in London. In 2015, he received the Grand Brum Award at the Biennial of Visible Messages of Slovenia. He teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and is one of the driving forces of the Ljudje collective.

Emil Kozole