The Edge

Cirkulacija 2, Ljubljana
22 – 31 August 2018

For some years, Anže Sever have been involved in projects about our relationships with the physical systems in which we are present, and the hidden realities that surround us.  In this particular project he is interested primarily in the haptic perception of space, which he is researching with technology, light and sound, and tests with disturbances, duration and movement.

The Edge is the third project / sound arrangement in the series. It isinspired by theories about physical systems and quantum mechanics, such as Higgs boson, laws of thermodynamics, wave particle duality, etc. At the same time, they describe the world that is known to us, the world of nature, the world in which we live, which, when scattered, become unusual, miraculous states of reality. The sound is actually the only medium with which Sever built the work Rob. It establishes the situation in parallel with the everyday perception of the phenomenon; We perceive the sound primarily as an audio phenomenon, while the detection of frequencies outside the sound field is associated with sound only under certain conditions or conditions. Thus, with high intensity and low frequencies, our body detects sound as vibrations. Sound and other mechanical waves intertwine our environment at the level of micro- and macro movements and they constantly affect us. We accept them, we respond to them, but with limited scope of human consciousness we rarely follow them.

With the oscillations generated by the audio frequencies in humans, the project brings the viewer closer to the foreign sound experience and encourage visitors to consider the interplay of unusual and self-evident in the environment surrounding us.


Anže Sever: The Edge, 2018
sound instalation

Author: Anže Sever
Curator: Anja Zver
Production: Zavod Projekt Atol
Co-production: Cirkulacija 2

The project was supported by City of Ljubljana and Ministry of Culture of the R. of Slovenia.


Anže Sever (1991) studied at the ALUO Faculty in Ljubljana. During his studies, he exhibited at student exhibitions, local solo exhibitions, and group exhibitions in Ljubljana. In 2013, he began participating in a four-year project that seeks to establish a long-term collaboration model between young authors and institutions. The project is led by DUM – Society of Artists. Within the project, he has exhibited in group exhibitions and various projects. In June 2014, he also participated in the international Transform project in Bucharest. In 2015, he presented himself independently as part of the Prepih cycle at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ljubljana. In 2017, he exhibited at the Glitch Group Exhibition at the Zelenica Gallery, at the BLACK BOX exhibition in the DUM project space. In 2018 at the TINY International Exhibition at the Sloe Gallery in Manchester, UK. In 2018, he also presented himself independently at the Simulaker Gallery and Cirkulacija 2 under the auspices of Projekt Atol. In 2020 he presented his work in Kino Šiška and in 2021 he held a solo exhibition with Tomo Stanič at Fotopub’s Project Space.

Anže Sever