osmo/za, Ljubljana
12 – 14 December 2017

Guided adventure to modular synthesis!

Modul@r is a hands-on, guided tour of modular synthesis that explores the spirit of the medium through collaborative investigation, conversation and fun. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a hardened synth pro, all are welcome to join for an evening of refreshments, knob tweaking, and conversation. Bring your questions, bring your synths, join the jam and share ideas.

Modul@r will be hosted by full time modular synth makers and performers Peter Edwards (Casperelectronics, Bastl instruments) and John Dinger (BlackMarket Modular, Bastl Instruments). We are excited to share our passion and experience, to help inspire Ljubljana’s sonic thrill seekers and pick up some inspiration of our own along the way.

The timetable:
Dec 12 at 6PM: Modul@r synthesis – practice & fun!
Dec 13 at 6PM: 1:1 learning time sessions with the artists and an open jam session –> An unique opportunity for 1:1 Q&A with Pete and John
Dec 14 at 6PM: Modul@r playground aka a lot more modular synths and relaxed discussions with makers; at 8PM: RADART #8 sound performances in collaboration with RADAR – Open Radio Investigative Art Platform. Performances by: Peter Edwards, John Dinger, Staš Vrenko, SsmKOSK, Kikimore & Veznik.

On Thursday you are kindly invited to fasten yourself to the signal route generated by the Open Radio Investigative Art Platform RADAR: RADART #8 happening. The evening, full of discussions, A/V performances and temporary modular as well as prepared electronic instruments, will take you on a journey into the fields of analog and digital processing of diverse signals. A showcase of the practices employed by local and foreign artists who share the passion for intense occupation with and development of their tools and creative processes will take place in OSMO/ZA. At 11PM the RADART program will continue in Tovarna Rog’s Modri kot. The (partial) whole of RADART #8 will be broadcasted (at least) on Radio Študent Ljubljana – 89,3MHz!


Peter Edwards & John Dinger: Modul@r, 2017

Production: Zavod Projekt Atol

The project was developmed with kind support of the City of Ljubljana, the Ministry of Public Affairs and the Ministry of Culture of the R. of Slovenia

Performances within the Open Radio Investigative Art Platform RADAR: RADART #8 are prepared in coproduction with Radio Študent, Ljubljana


Peter Edwards is an American artist, musician, and teacher. He has been exploring the field of circuit bending and experimental musical electronics since 2000 through his business Casperelectronics. He performs regularly under the same name. Edwards received a BFA in sculpture from The Rhode Island School of Design in 2000 and is currently studying electronic music and experimental interface design as a Masters student at the Institute of Sonology and at STEIM in Amsterdam NL. In 2005 he developed the creative electronics department at Hampshire College. He currently designs musical electronic instruments which are sold as kits through his website and regularly teaches circuit bending classes at technology festivals internationally and writes electronics tutorials for American DIY tech magazine Make.
Edwards has performed, taught workshops and spoken on the topic of circuit bending and creative electronics at MIT’s Media Lab, Hasbro Toys, Hampshire College, Skidmore College, New York University, Bloomfield University, Long Beach University, Georgie SOuthern University and at new media festivals around the world including The Piksel Festival (Bergen, Norway), The OFFF Festival and Pixel Festival (Paris, France), Sequences Festival (Reykjavik, Iceland) and yearly at the Bent Festival (New York & LA, USA). Peter currently lives in The Haag in The Netherlands and is studying with composer and physicist Joel Ryan and master synthesizer designer Rob Hordijk.

Peter Edwards