A Sound Performance

29 December 2020

In their performance, the artists used directed speakers and misapplied household electronics to sound out the depths of an undisclosed space set deep under the city of Vienna.


Production: Ljudmila, Art and Science Laboratory & Projekt Atol Institute, with support from the Ministry of Culture and  City of Ljubljana – Department for Culture.


Klemens Kohlweisis an artist and a toolmaker. He builds installations involving sound using a range of techniques spanning from home-made electronics controlling wind instruments to gaffer-taping loudspeakers onto hacked vacuum cleaning robots. As part of the collective ‘anulla’ he’s playing concerts/performances with misused everyday objects and worked on the stage and sound design for the theatre production ‘Union of Global Artificial Intelligence’ in 2019. He is currently finishing his diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and working as an educator at the technical museum in Vienna.

Andreas Zißler studied art and architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and is a trained precision mechanic. His artistic work deals with the digitalization and automation of our environment. By observing and reflecting on his own working practices, he creates productive feedback loops. His interdisciplinary work practice moves fluidly between performance, sound art, media art and architecture.