Dialectics of Value

Dum Project Space, Kolodvorska ulica 6, Ljubljana
24 October – 08 November 2019

Andrea Knezović’s exhibition Dialectics of Value opens a topic connected to the relations between the production of value and the notion of shame. With the statement “Shame is a soul-eating emotion.” [The Red Book], Carl G. Jung described the term as a malignant emotion that lurks insidiously within each of us. Regardless of whether it is an intimate self-reflective view or a geopolitical or socio-cultural aspect, shame remains an omnipresent factor that serves to control, coerce and execute strictness and rigidity in communities of all sorts. Viewing shame through the paradigm of the contemporary 24/7 modes of production (Crary, 2013), Knezović studies the currency of the production of value in relation to the agencies of identity structuring in the Anthropocene age (Latour, 2013). The notion of shame can be understood as a hereditary cultural mechanism, managed by social consensus (Nussbaum, 2009), or as a dormant behavioral system that assimilates and arranges individuals within or into a collective. The artist, however, emphasizes that the concept of shame may also be viewed as a bridging tool or mediator within social transactions, and not always as a mechanism for punishment and paralysis.

With the title Dialectics of Value, the exhibition addresses value in relation to shame, exploring, through poetic manifestations and perspectives, how shame is materialised, archived, measured, what the strategies referring to it are like, and how it plays with intimate and public socio-cultural conventions. In the exhibition, three artistic installations investigate the contradictions that are created in the relations between the production of value and the anxious feeling of shame in the intimate and socio-cultural field: Memento Pudorem (Remember Shame), Lighter than Matter, Heavier than Mind and Chess of Rites.


Andrea Knezović: Dialectics of Value, 2019

Curator and text: Anja Zver

Production: Projekt Atol Institute
Co-organisation: Dum – društvo umetnikov
Thanks to: Hanna Steenbergen-Cockerton, Laura Dubourjal-Bergé, Otakar Zwartjes, Leeron Tur-Kaspa, Adam Beni in Valter Udovičić

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and City of Ljubljana, Department for Culture and Ministry of Public Administration


Andrea Knezović (1990) is a visual artist and researcher, with a Masters’s degree in Artistic Research from the University of Amsterdam (2019) and a B.A. (Hons) in Visual Arts from A.V.A-Academy of Visual Arts, Ljubljana (2014). Currently based between Amsterdam, Ljubljana and Zagreb, Knezović is an artist who explores threshold states and ambiguities within social contexts. She uses her creative process as an instrument for reconstructing social paradigms involving identity-politics and examining liminal occurrences inside the contemporary neoliberal ritualizations. Knezović’s works bear strong political references and are characterized by the use of everyday objects, with references to the social structuring, instrumentalization of intimacy, and currencies of value in a contemporary setting.

Andrea Knezović