Mala galerija Banke Slovenija, Slovenska 35, Ljubljana
24 June – 17 August 2022

Exhibition opening: Friday, 24 June at 19:00

Gallery opening times: Tuesday–Saturday, 11:00–19:00

Works by:  Nikola Balberčáková, Maks Bricelj, Denis Buhai, Marie Holá, Maria Jančová, Ondřej Konrád, Darja Lukjanenko, Hoi Man, Ema Maznik Antić, Matej Mihevc, Veronika Švecová, Violeta Tvorogal, Lara Žagar and Oskar Kandare

Plaza Protocol operates as a fictitious entity that is plotting new scenarios for and from an unfinished construction site of an underground shopping mall on the outskirts of Ljubljana.

The site, that is gradually taken over by the surrounding nature is a case of »contemporary ruin« caught between development and decay, the »not yet« and »have been«. However, its uncertain present points toward an open horizon, beyond the shopping mall model and the economic paradigm which informs it. As an agent of the future, Plaza excavates the traces and deposits the seeds of this emerging postconsumerist and posthumanist landscape.

Since 2020, it allies with artists, designers, architects, writers, and other agents, to reflect on the accelerating economic and ecological processes which shape our planetary scale “shopping ruin”, and “imagineer” (imagine + engineer) new protocols for a world that comes after it.

Plaza grows through opening new portals-areas. This one is a result of collaboration with Studio of Fine Arts IV (UMPRUM) and the Studio of New Aesthetics (FAMU) from Prague, as well as a few agents from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana.

Information about the works in the exhibition can be found at

You can navigate through the rooms of Plaza to find the Deposit area or access it directly by entering the “seed” password under the floor plan in menu (i): DEPOSIT and click on the room that appeared on the map.


Curator of Plaza Protocol: Tjaša Pogačar

Design of the gravel: Tisa Troha

Design and development of the webpage: Marko Damiš

Design of the cards set: Darja Lukjanenko and Veronika Švecova

Design of online tokens: Veronika Švecova

Mentors and coordination of production of the works from Prague: Anetta Mona Chișa, Martin Kohout, Jen Kratochvil, Aleksandra Vajd

Curator of Mala galerija Banke Slovenije: Vladimir Vidmar

Production: Projekt Atol Institute (supported by the Ministry of culture of Slovenia), Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM), Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU)

Photo documentation: Marijo Zupanov