Mini teater, Ljubljana
16 – 21 November 2016

The theatre performance CHAGALL takes its inspiration in the life and art of the renowned Byelorussian-French painter Marc Chagall. It is an entwinement of theatre and visual arts, as the scenography and colourfulness à la Chagall will be created live in front of the audience.

The authors of the performance are interested in exploring the relations between words and narration, and colours and abstraction. Marc Chagall, one of the biggest painters of the 20th century, wrote his autobiography My Life (Slovene translation: Suzana Koncut; Študentska založba, 2005) when he was thirty-five years old. The book was written during turbulent times when Chagall’s artistic star was at its brightest, and while history was irreversibly erasing the places of his childhood and youth. Chagall lived in tense times, unfavourable for art. He believed that visual arts – as well as books – have to tell stories, and have to enable the audience to experience something, to evoke memories, to offer an adventure. He prophetically saw life as a circus: to survive, one has to be a clown, an acrobat, a painter …

Theatre language of the performance is inspired (dramaturgy and mise-en-scène) by Chagall’s immensely rich iconography, by his surrealistic dream world, and by his eruptively creative opus.



Director: Ivan Peternelj
Cast: Blaž Šef, Liza Marija Grašič, Ravil Sultanov, Nataša Sultanova
Costumes, design and scenography: Ljubica Čehovin – Suna
Dramaturgy: Jana Pavlič
Language consultant: Mateja Dermelj
Light design: Jaka Šimenc
Lead technician: Gašper Tesner
Dressmaker: Slavica Janošević
Executive producer: Barbara Hribar
Production: Društvo za umetnost AVGUS
Coproduction: Mini teater, ŠKUC gledališče and Zavod Projekt Atol

We would like to thank Študentska založba and Slovensko mladinsko gledališče.