IF Festival, iMAL, Bruselj, Belgija
22 April 2022

“It was as though the rules of time or space had been created only so that they may be constantly broken. But within the apparent chaos it seemed that everything has a logical sequence. This was one of those moments when we got goosebumps due to the sensory intensiveness we were experiencing.” (A. Rodriguez)
“The music and the quantum images, so scientifically probable and yet so indescribable they could only be explained with religion. Whatever happened, we believed.” (Xavier Puig)
“For the reader of the comment, at least for a few moments, I would like to produce at least the moment that makes it clear we witness the forming of a cosmis space, whose ‘morphing’ in front of us shaped a basic feeling of the birth of matter. With his parameters, he influenced how we see cosmic materiality… Techno poesis!” (Dragan Živadinov)

Beambreaker, a work made up of laser, light, bent mirrors and sound, in which volumetric audiovisual objects emerge from a close synchronization between beams of light and broken sound waves.

These objects are multistable – as we observe them, we are not sure if we are listening to the sound of moving light structures or if we see an embodiment of sound, or maybe something in between? Within the poetic space of Beambreaker, all these interpretations are equally valid. This ambiguity mixed with cross-fertilising combination of sound and visuals enables a very personalized experience of audiovisual reality that is filled with our unconscious desires and emotions. Beambreaker hence offers a mirror in which the invisible can be brought to light.



21. April @ IF Festival, IMAL, Brussels, BE (the First Movement variant)
3 December 2021 @ Multipilica, Rotondes, Luxembourg, LU
23 July 2021 @ Festival LEV, Teatro Jovellanos, Gijón, E
23 October 2020 @ Laibach: 40, Delavski dom, Trbovlje, SI
6 October 2020 @ Festival Lutke, Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, SI
3 October 2020 @ Lunchmeat Festival, Prague, CZ
10  December 2019 @ Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, SI (premiere)


Tadej Droljc: Beambreaker, 2019-
AV performans

Concept, composition, programing, design and perfomance: Tadej Droljc
Mastering: Gregor Zemljič
ction: osmo/za (Društvo Ljudmila, Zavod Projekt Atol, Zavod Delak)
Co-producer: Kino Šiška
Special thanks: Tilen Sepič, Matic Potočnik, Katja Goljat, Dan Adlešič, Portorož Tourist Board, Borut Jerman and Marko Vivoda

Development of the project was possible with the support of City of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. Projekt Atol was further enabled by Ministry of Public Affairs.


Tadej Droljc is a slovenian interdisciplinary artist and creative coder who works in the field of electronic music, computer-generated audiovisual composition, interactive installations and intermedia art. His recent work is focusing at the non-hierarchical approach to real-time audiovisual composition. For his work Tadej was awarded the Lumen Prize Student Award (London), Dennis Smalley scholarship in electroacoustic music (Huddersfield) and he won the Most Promising Video Artist prize at Madatac (Madrid). Tadej performed and exhibited his works at the festivals or galleries around the globe such as Ars Electronica, Brighton Digital Festival, Galerija Kapelica, MADATAC, Electric Spring or Spektrum among others. He is a doctoral researcher in audiovisual composition at the Center for Research in New Music (CeReNeM, UK).

Tadej Droljc