Rosi Grillmair


Rosi Grillmair (1991) is an artist, programmer and lecturer on art, culture and technology in her hometown Linz, Austria. Since 2020 she has been working as a freelance artist. Currently, she is working on her project Merkwürdige Momente (memorable/curious moments). The project comprises interventions in public space and an appropriation of infrastructures and objects of collective history. In her work, the freedom of interpretation plays an important role as well as explaining matters of art, language, culture and technology through engaging stories and interactive environments. The media of her works include two very different approaches. On the one hand, she deals with the digital, ephemeral – shaped by programming and visualization. On the other hand, she is interested in capturing moments in long-lasting and natural materials, like stone, wood, and fabrics. Virtuality and haptic experience (handicraft) come together throughout digital fabrication, finding a gradient between abstract and natural phenomena. Rosi Grillmair has exhibited her works at international art festivals and exhibitions. She is a speaker on topics like AI and art, maker culture and creative coding and is part of several open-source communities.