Matej Mihevc


Matej Mihevc (1995) is a graduate student of Video and New Media at the Academy of Fine Art and Design (ALUO) of the University of Ljubljana. In his work, he deals with the influence of new technologies on cultural production. His past collaborations include numerous design projects; recently, he has been nurturing an interest in various industrial processes and artificial materials (3D printing, designing plastics, etc.) as well as in machine learning and artificial intelligence. In October 2020, he received the award for the best student project at the International Festival of Computer Art (MFRU) in Maribor for his work Latent space walk. In November 2021, together with Farah Sara Kurnik, he presented the project Kambrijski vmesniki (Cambrian Interfaces, 2021). Already for the fifth year, he leads the Radio Študent show Modem, in which he explores underground internet music.