Maggie Kane


Maggie Kane is an Atlanta-based artist and community organizer who has built decentralized resource networks for other artists and grassroots community organizations since 2011. Over the past 10 years, Maggie organized 400+ networking and educational events for other creative people interested in learning new skills relating to technology and in need of resources to build and manage their own projects. From 2011-2015, she developed a free computer and digital camera tools class series for the Rosa F. Keller Library in New Orleans. After moving to Atlanta in 2014, she quickly got involved in organizing educational programming and network events for Google Developers as well as the local hackerspace Freeside Atlanta. Maggie facilitated multiple weekly events on topics relating to: machine learning, cloud computing, basic woodworking, welding, synthesizers, quantum physics, mushrooms, DIY bio, and just about any topic that she thought would be engaging for traditionally marginalized people in the fields of technology & other DIY systems. In 2018, Maggie expanded her organizational ties to like-minded international communities and projects who advocate for accessible learning experiences for marginalized people: like women, queer people, and BIPOC. Since then, she’s developed in-person and online educational content for organizations like: Dinalab in Panama, School of Machines in Berlin, Synthesizer Library in Prague, and Projekt Atol in Ljubljana.