Apply for Rewilding Cultures Mobility Grant

The Rewilding Cultures project wants to open a discussion on how we can advocate for and make changes and better choices to empower more sustainable and inclusive practices within cultural exchange. With this call we want to offer support for those who are aspiring towards more sustainable choices and practices, have needs and wants which go beyond current forms of funding but also for those who want to experiment, test and question not only with mobility but also through work. We also offer support for ongoing activities.

The Rewilding Cultures network is issuing 8 grants, each up to 1400 EURO (incl. possible taxes) for mobility or mobility-related work. Artists, researchers and technologists with no prior affiliation with any of the Rewilding Cultures partners are eligible to apply and the activity should be conducted with an organization or venue which is not part of the Rewilding Cultures network. The form of support (e.g., fee or reimbursement) will be discussed individually.

More information & open call form are available here: