Apply to participate in a pilot edition of ARIA!

This summer in Ljubljana !! 21 – 25 August, 2023

ARIA, Algo-Rhythmic Ideation Assembly is an exercise in unworlding, unnaming, unlearning, and unbinding the entrenched structures of mankind’s current collective hallucination, so that a second rhythm, a refrain for a second life in the material world can start to emerge.” ARIA takes the form of a five-day intensive, bringing together artists, critical thinkers, and experts from diverse fields for a program that blends closed-door workshops and public activities. Following the concepts explored, ARIA is structured as a LARP designed by OMSK Social Club.

With menthors: Alice Bucknell, Florin Flueras, Michael Marder, OMSK Social Club, Simon Speiser, Subash Thebe Limbu, Špela Petrič, Jelena Viskovic, Gediminas Žygus + more TBA

Learn more about ARIA and how to APPLY here: