Crying Games

Music CD
08 September 2011

iT (Irena Tomažin) is a multitude of voices intertwined into melodies, monologues, dialogues, recorded and recorded in repetitive loops, dubbed over each other, blurred in noise or sharpened in solitude. These are voices from pieces of stories torn or embedded in landscapes of songs and atmospheres.

Crying Games are songs and spoken lyrics that have been created since 2005 and have been reworked through various improvisations and interpretations. Created from inspiration or from dramatic texts or from pop songs, or mainly from iT‘s experimentation with voices. Through dictaphones and cassettes these voices create independent sound worlds.


iT – Cying Games

1.     intro: the crying game
2.     jablana
3.     wanting needs / want it
4.     spi, sanja
5.     Ophelia Muller / who is it
6.     ( )           – veter mi piha, iz oči mi piha veter
7.     mad dog / stop it
8.     congratulations / let it
9.     question of good and bad
10.    ( )           –  koračnica
11.    nekaj v tebi
12.    ( )           –  melodijca
13.    apple tree
14.    outro: give up your crying game


iT: Crying Games, 2011

Voice, dictaphones, texts: Irena Tomažin
Audio production (mix, production, master): Aldo Ivančič
Studio: TRAK, Kranj
Design: Mina Fina
Project development: Uroš Veber
Published by: Zavod Projekt Atol


Irena Tomažin has been singing and experimenting with her voice at least since 2006, when a project called “iT” was created, in which she plays music with the help of dictaphones and cassettes. With “iT” she performed at festivals at home and abroad (Oscillations, Sajeta, Break festival, Defonija, Sound Explicit, Personal-Collective, UltraHang festival Budapest, Bratislava, CLUB RAUM / Vienna, Dis-patch festival Belgrade, Mostar, Interzone / Novi Sad, Densites / France, Berlin, Krakow…). She has participated in the Bast Collective of Aldo Ivančič and in the CD “Retinal Circus” and many domestic and foreign musicians: Tomaž Grom, Andrej Fon, Samo Kutin, Neža Naglič, with whom they form the duet “nnit”; N’toko, Marko Karlovčec, with whom she released the concert CD “what happens is a drop of red”; Liz Allbee, Okkyung Lee, Seijiro Murayama, Klaus Filip, NOID, Enrico Malatesta, Nikos Veliotis, Ivan Palacky, Slavo Krekovič, Lydia Lunch…).